Our Infant Program

6 Weeks – 18 Months

Our infants receive nurturing care in a loving environment. Infants need to feel safe in their environment and secure with the adults in their life. They want to be close to people and love seeing familiar faces. Nothing is more wonderful than having an infant make eye contact and as a result giving the biggest smile. We get to know your child’s personality, likes, and developmental needs. Our teachers keep a schedule full of care giving, learning and discovery that will encourage cognitive awareness, sensory stimulation, communication skills, social and emotional development, and gross and fine motor development.

Infant Room Happenings

Infants are constantly learning. When they are looking in a mirror they are amazed at who is looking back. They love imitating facial expressions and exploring with their hands and mouth. Activities in the infant room include:

Floor activities such as tummy time, rolling over, and crawling

Exploring different textured materials
Reading time
Playing with puppets
Music and rhythm
Feeding time
Quiet and sleep time

Your infant’s safety is top priority. All toys are age appropriate and sanitized. Sleeping infants are closely monitored.