Our Preschool Program

3 Years- 5 Years

Preschoolers are eager to learn. Our experienced staff will guide our preschool age children to encounter new challenges and discovery every day through purposeful play. We watch our preschoolers meet these challenges at their own pace and with individualized instruction and encouragement. Our HighScope curriculum is designed to ignite children’s interest in learning by creating an active learning environment with adults and peers. We want your child to love learning, explore their interests, learn problem solving and conflict resolution skills by engaging in play based learning and hands on activities. The preschool curriculum is focused on eight content areas; approaches to learning, social and emotional development, physical development and health, communication, mathematics, creative arts, science and technology, and social studies.  We also encourage self help skills of dressing (tie shoes, zip, snap and button own clothing), using the restroom, and many meal time activities.

Kindergarten Readiness

With the older preschoolers, it is time to get ready for kindergarten. The needed skills include:

Basic letter recognition

Recognize numbers

Solve problems
Think creatively
Reading readiness
Play well with others